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November 5, 2020
Dear Joan, I hope we can keep in touch, I wish you the very best-this house is the best by far I have ever had and for fifty years. Thank you so much for making it possible. For me, it is perfect in every way, With much love, as ever,

 BW - Montreal Ouest
June 16, 2020
What a delicious surprise at my door. Your lovely, thoughtful gift of gourmet brownies! How did you know I've developed a frequent sweet tooth! You are a real mind-reader. I haven't made any decisions yet. My home (you sold me) is still comfortable and I'm forever grateful to you for arranging the sale.

 BW - Montreal West
May 6, 2020
Dear Joan, I still love this house for which you were such a help fifty years ago. I miss John and I don't relish a retirement home. I love the area and this house, thank you so much for your flowers, calls, and letters. Let's keep in touch.

 B W - Montreal West
I recently had to contact Joan McGuigan with a question relating to property I purchased a couple of years ago. It entailed some research on her part and detailed exchanges by telephone. Helpful, generous with her time and gracious as ever, these exchanges reminded me of just how important she, and her partners Brian and Tim, had been when she was my real estate agent.
Over a three-year period involving the sale of two properties and purchase of another - a stressful undertaking at the best of times – Joan was an accomplice and advisor who always acted with purpose and determination, intent on getting results.
I wish her and her team continued success.
Béatrice Vizkelety

 Beatrice K
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