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People are talking about McGuigan Pepin!

Tim guided me through the whole purchase process and made everything through smoothly. Tim also gave extra effort during this hot market so to get a best position when making offer.

 D Chan
I got great service from McGuigan Pepin, and they helped me find a property that suited my needs quickly. Tim was always available to answer my questions and his good advice throughout the buying process made everything way easier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services!

 Nicholas Garcia
I have worked with McGuigan Pepin Realties twice and twice I have been satisfied with the service received. Mr Timothy John McGuigan assisted me back in 2021 when I wanted to sell my condo. He ask me what I wanted, what I was looking for, what was my list of must have, nice to have and also wanted to know who I was as a person. He had a very human approach. He came to see the place and provided me with a strategy according to my reality, my budget and the actual market situation. I followed all of his advice and I was able to sell my place within a week back in October of 2021. After the sell was official, we started to discuss next steps aka the purchase of my new house. This has proven to be more challenging...because of the actual market. Mr McGuigan has been by my side the whole time providing me with good advice, reassuring me more than once always with a human approach and making me feel like everything was possible. He kept repeating we only need one house. We will find it! And we did! Believe it or not. At one point I had lost hope of ever finding a place. But Mr McGuigan was persevering, showing me more houses, giving me more advices on what I could do in the different houses, and telling me the pro and cons of every house. We must have visited over 20 houses.!!! Each time Mr McGuigan was on time, preofessional and always kind to the other realtor or the owner thanking them for their time and help. Never once did he show discouragement or annoyance. That made me feel at ease and confident that I had a great agent who had my interests at heart. When he texted me to tell me that I had the house, I couldn't believe it. It had been 7 months we had been looking for a house for me to buy. I was so happy and I could tell he was too. He assisted me throughout the steps needed to complete the offer, get the house inspected, get an appointment to the notary, finalizing the mortgage and answering ALL of my questions. I felt like I was in extermely good hands and that a friend was assisting me with excellent guidance.
I recommand this agency and especially Mr Timothy John McGuigan for your sell and purchase transaction. You will be taken care of with a human approach. You will never feel like a number and you will get their full attention. Don't hesitate one minute. You will not be disappointed. They have been in the business for a while and it shows.
Thank you Tim for your assistance, your wisdom, your help and the attention you have giving me during these 2 transactions. I would not have found my DREAM house without you. Merci 😊 from the bottom of my heart.

 Sarah Pierre-Louis
I highly recommend Tim and the team at McGuigan Pepin Realties. With Tim's assistance, I purchased and sold my home. He was very informative when I was a first-time home buyer, patient and responsive. I have full confidence in Tim's recommendations.

 Katja Fro
We worked with Tim to purchase our first house and sell our condo. The experience was great and we were given some very good advice that helped us not only sell our apartment but also pick the best house for us and our budget. He was there More

 Nataly Desir
Tim has been awesome in finding homes match our requirement and he is also quick in arranging showings upon request. He never pressure us to buy anything that we dont like or hesitate. His patience and explaining things are his greatest strength as a realtor. Me and my family was really happy working with him to find a best home for us.

 Miguel Cobo
Tim recently helped us buy our first home and we are thrilled! Were first time home buyers and he made the whole process feel easy, offering lots of great advice and answering all of our questions. Hes very kind and prompt, wonderful to work with! Thanks again :)

 Avery Walker
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