The team at McGuigan Pepin Inc. is dedicated to providing superior service focusing on strong marketing, exceptional negotiation for the best outcomes and steadfast commitment to the client.


McGuigan Pepin Inc. has dedicated professionals with years of experience and expertise working together to make a powerful sales force.
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With over 37 years of experience in real estate, Joan, Brian and Tim McGuigan have earned the trust of their clients.
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McGuigan Pepin specializes in everything from magnificent mansions in Westmount to lofts in Old Montreal and more!
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Meet Chef Joan

meet chef Joan

Joan McGuigan has favourite family recipes that she'd like to share with you. Check out some "old reliables" that don't fail to please.


We are associated with a number of exclusive networks, bringing forth an international clientele and influential alliances.
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Let us introduce you to some of our friends, colleagues and favourite non-profit organizations.
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