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April 30th, 2009

Talking about our newsletter!

Posted by Joan McGuigan

Simon Payn is talking about our newsletter in his blog…

Here are his comments on it:


Another Great Example of a Customized Real Estate Newsletter

It makes me smile from ear to ear when one of my clients takes the real estate newsletter I offer and really  makes it theirs.

Here's another example (click here for a previous one), this one from Marianne Derjean, who is with broker McGuigan Pepin, in Quebec,  Canada.

Here's what I love about it.

  1. A "Message from the Presidents". Not just any message, but a report from a recent trip to a real estate conference in Paris, France. Not only is this an interesting article full of useful facts, but the "meta" message here is that these brokers are plugged into the international luxury real estate market. You'd want to hire people like that, wouldn't you? (The article mixes news about real estate, fractional ownership and the economy with a paragraph about how they spent their leisure time in Paris. A great way to make the tale more personal, strengthening their relationship with their clients by sharing what they did in their free time.)
  2. A story about the company's trademark yellow golf flag, which is part of its logo and which flies outside its open houses. A neat little story that gives some insight into the company, while mentioning that one of the owners was a champion golfer. (I bet lots of their clients golf – great way to make a connection!) The golf flag is, of course, a great way to brand the brokerage- stands out from the regular lawn signs. (Plus: they also encourage reader feedback with a little competition to create a catchy phrase about the brokerage and the flag.)
  3. An informative column on the current market focusing on pricing. Plus, another on why now is a good time to do renovations. Both are great up-to-date topics.
  4. An article by a mortgage banker. This is a great way to get extra content for your newsletter – partner with a relevant, non-competing provider.
  5. On their winter newsletter, not only do they wish people happy holidays, but there's a notice on the front page about the agency's Open Door Day. The position of the notice, on the bottom right corner of the page, is great for catching people's attention – and the freebie shopping bags they give away are a valuable (and timely) incentive.
  6. Recognition to winners of a recent contest they held.

So, in summary, what this broker has done is take a ready-made newsletter and then personalize it with their own content to create a much stronger bond with their clients and a fraction of the price of doing

 the entire newsletter themselves.

That's why I'm smiling!



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April 27th, 2009

Jane’s Walk May 2 & 3 2009

Posted by Joan McGuigan

In the Gazette, today I found an interesting article from MIKE BOONE, and I thought it might interest you too…

The city’s first Jane’s Walks are happening on Saturday and Sunday.

Jane Jacobs, who died nine days short of her 90th birthday in 2006, had no training as an urban planner. But The Life and Death of American Cities, which Jacobs wrote in 1961, is considered a classic treatise on how urban environments should and should not work.

Jacobs looked at cities as ecosystems that would change and evolve according to how they were used. She believed in higher population densities, shorter city blocks, mixed-use neighbourhoods.

Her work has influenced generations of architects, activists and forward-thinking urban planners and politicians. A Pennsylvanian by birth, Jacobs studied at Columbia University, lived in Greenwich Village and moved to Toronto in 1968.

Jacobs did not like cars and was active in the campaign that stopped construction of the Spadina Expressway. She believed in studying urban life at ground level and, in Downtown is for People, wrote: “No one can find what will work for our cities by looking at … suburban garden cities, manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities.

“You’ve got to get out and walk.”

Jacobs’ enduring legacy inspired Toronto’s Centre for City Ecology to organize neighbourhood walking tours in 2007. Jane’s Walks have spread to New York, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Guelph, Charlottetown, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans and, organized by the Centre for Urban Ecology, Montreal.

The list of neighbourhoods to be Jane’s-walked includes N.D.G., the Plateau, Mile End, Little Burgundy, Point St. Charles, Shaugnessy Village, Mercier-Est, Park Extension and Outremont. On each tour, Jane’s Walks are led by people who know the turf and have stories to tell.

For details for Montreal’s walk: Clic-clic

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April 24th, 2009

Some signs of Hope with the signs of Spring

Posted by Joan McGuigan

As I write this note the world markets have been continuing their positive weekly advances over the last 6 weeks. Although we ended the quarter still down from beginning of year, today we have Canada's stock market positive for the year and U.S. and world indexes have also gained considerable ground.

 You may be aware; the stock market is a leading indicator. This means that they change before the economy has changed, providing clues of whether we are in for an upswing or decline. A market rebound is typically associated with the early expansion phase of the economic cycle, or with expectations that the cycle is about to turn positive. Unfortunately as you know, market performance occurs in fits and starts and it is often only in hindsight that the larger trend lines become discernable.

 Governments worldwide have taken unprecedented and coordinated action to stabilize financial markets and economies around the world. Thru Fiscal Policy with the Stimulus packages to monetary policy of easing of the lending rates all countries are focused to lessen the turmoil of the world's recession and the length of it.

The Lagging indicators such as employment, GDP, consumer spending and housing starts tend to attract more attention than the leading indicators. At their bleakest or most negative, lagging indicators, despite their focus on the past, may also say something about the future. This is because as numbers hit their bleakest or most negative – in confirmation of a slowdown or recession-  is also often when you'll see the leading indicators kick into effect and start heading up.

In previous economic slowdowns, job creation typically found a footing well after equities bottomed and the recession was over.  This is because equities often rebound as lagging economic fundamentals continue to decline.


As we continue on in '09 we will hear positive news and some negative news. Remember that Financial Planning and a long term perspective remain key to achieving financial goals.

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April 1st, 2009

Susan Pepler

Posted by Joan McGuigan


c o m i n g   s o o n :
opens April 16, 2009

Hosted by Carol McFarlane Interiors
310 Davenport Road, Toronto
tel: 1.416.967.7766

* Montreal preview & presale in progress
P  E  P  L  E  R    F  I  N  E    A  R  T  S
 F L O R A L S  .  S T I L L   L I F E S  .  L A N D S C A P E S  .  A U T O M O B I L E S
Investing in Art is investing in longterm quality enjoyment.

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