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September 15th, 2009

Sellers: The Secret to Making Buyers ‘Belong’ in Your Home

Posted by Joan McGuigan

It’s only natural for your home to reflect your personal style, but when it comes
time to sell, what makes a house a home becomes a major hindrance. Learn how
to depersonalize your home in order to obtain the best price.
Go Neutral: Unless your favorite color scheme is completely neutral, it’s time to
get out the paint and restore the color to something less noticeable. Eggshell, white
tones and beige are good options. Don’t forget the other senses – in addition to
color, make sure that the smell of your home is also neutral. Never assume that
what you find pleasant smelling will appeal to others. Instead, have your home
professionally cleaned using an enzymatic treatment that neutralizes all odors,
including heavy perfumes and deodorizers.
Minimize: Eliminate all unnecessary furniture, belongings and clutter as much as
possible prior to photographing and showing the home. Not only does it allow
people to see the property more clearly, but it helps break down the mental and
physical barrier separating buyers from seeing the house as their own.
Highlight the Home: Never showcase personal belongings – instead, highlight
the home itself. Tour the house room by room to discover the essence of each area.
Create a beautiful view, ambient lighting or other inviting scenario that attracts
visitors without overwhelming them. Eliminate distractions that identify the home
as belonging to you while allowing them to see themselves living in the house.

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