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October 5th, 2010

Art Westmount 2010

Posted by Joan McGuigan

This past weekend, McGuigan Pepin participated in Art Westmount 2010 as a major partner! We sponsored the Prud’homme room in Victoria Hall, which featured several very talented photographers and painters such as Robert Asch, Flora-Lee Wagner, David Asch, Jaroslava Miler, and Margaret White.

L-R: Robert Asch, Flora-Lee Wagner, David Asch, Joan McGuigan, Jaroslava Miler, Brian McGuigan, Margaret White

Joan and Brian with our sponsorship sign at Art Westmount 2010

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1 Response to “Art Westmount 2010”

  1. Susan Dempsey says:

    What great corporate citizens you are! I loved the exhibit and you are to be commended for sponsoring this event.