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February 16th, 2012

News – Westmount Science Camp for Kids

Posted by Joan McGuigan

“In partnership with Westmount Sports and Recreation, McGill University, the Redpath Museum and Westmount High School, Westmount Science Camp will open its doors and labs on July 2 for campers ages 6-13.
The camp will offer a wide array of fun and exciting science for kids. Real science with top of the line equipment, facilities, science professionals and volunteers will be available and our goal is to provide the kids with an unforgetable science experience which may assist them in their choices towards a science career in the future. Or just provide them with a lot of fun!
There will also be a field trip at McGill included in each 2 week session.
Registration begins March 19 by calling Westmount Sports and Recreation at 514-989-5353. For further information and an early bird enrolment reservation, please call Nigel Penney, Camp director, at 514-691-9307.”

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2 Responses to “News – Westmount Science Camp for Kids”

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  2. Nigel Penney says:

    Due to high demand and success in 2012 for this science camp, we shall be back next year with greater number of registration spaces. To reserve your place, please call Nigel Penney at 514-691-9307.