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September 18th, 2010

Why Westmount is still BIXI-less, from Mayor Peter Trent

Posted by Joan McGuigan

Westmount mayor Peter Trent wrote in to the Westmount Examiner to clear up some misconceptions about why Westmount is still sans BIXI.  Among the highlights of the letter:

“[…]the City of Westmount and the City of Montreal are two distinct legal entities and […] BIXI’s legal arrangement is with the City of Montreal only; […] Westmount doesn’t want to be treated as, say, the City of London and pay for the whole BIXI infrastructure; […] inserting such a system in a highway called Sherbrooke Street (or any other major street) is irresponsible without proper planning”.

Kudos to Mayor Trent for clearing up this matter!

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