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May 18th, 2010

Select Reduced Fixed Rates at BMO

Posted by Joan McGuigan

We’ve just received word from mortgage specialist Lesley Wright that BMO has reduced the fixed rates on certain mortgage terms!

Right now, you can contact Lesley for:

1 year fixed at 2.80%
3 year fixed at 4.00%
5 year fixed low-rate at 4.35% (guaranteed for 90 days); regular 5 year fixed at 4.45%
5 year variable rate at 1.95% (prime – 0.3%

Mortgages for non-residents – no income confirmation necessary, 35% down payment, all countries.

New immigrants:  minimum down-payment of 10%, minimum 30% with no income confirmation

Residential mortgage rates for 5 & 6 plexes.

Contact Lesley today to take advantage of these great rates! Call (514) 935-5511 or click here to e-mail.

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