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March 29th, 2011


Posted by Joan McGuigan


Good afternoon,

After staging over $ 71 million of real estate all over Montreal in the past 2 years, I would like to share with you the top 7 reasons why spaces need to be staged professionally. My experience has shown me that these are the 7 most common problems that can be fixed with an expert eye and professional know-how to help you sell faster and for top dollar.



1.      EMPTY SPACES   –   people tell me they are spatially dysfunctional. They don’t understand the space without furniture.

2.     TOO MUCH FURNITURE  –  needs to be diplomatically edited by a qualified expert. Have to be able to see the “bones” of the space.

3.     TOO LITTLE FURNITURE  –  needs to be efficiently and beautifully spaced to help people visualize and not cost the owner $ to buy stuff.

4.     FURNITURE BADLY ORGANIZED  –  needs to be professionally re jigged with an expert eye

5.     BAD LIGHTING  –  needs to be addressed very carefully to create mood as well as function.

6.     TOO PERSONALIZED  – needs to be diplomatically depersonalized without offending client and this doesn’t mean just putting away pictures.

7.     TOO MUCH CLUTTER  –  needs to be diplomatically downsized without offending client.


All these reasons add up to poor harmony, bad visual and traffic flow throughout the space.

This in turn leads to potential buyers getting turned off or total disinterest.

This yields slower and poorer sales.

The result: a lot of time and energy on your time that could have been used more profitably.

GentleMove can easily and economically assist you in your staging presentations so you can sell faster and for top dollar.

GentleMove’s services include: senior transitioning, downsizing, estate dispersal and staging houses to sell or just to live and love!


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  1. Leatrice says:

    Heck of a job there, it absoluelty helps me out.