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April 8th, 2010

Announcing an Open House Contest!

Posted by Joan McGuigan

This coming Sunday, April 11th, McGuigan Pepin will be holding an Open House Blitz!

We will be holding FIVE open houses! When you come to any one of our open houses and sign our guestbook, you will receive your McGuigan Pepin Passport! In the passport will be all the details of each of the other open houses going on that day.

If you attend any three open houses out of the five, and have the representing McGuigan Pepin agent mark your passport, you will WIN a gift certificate to Nagoya Sushi in Westmount!

Nagoya Sushi is a fantastic restaurant, and the neighbour to our Ste-Catherine Street office! This is a great prize, and we’re all very excited about this contest. We hope to see you at our open houses this weekend!

Full list of open houses can be found here.

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