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April 15th, 2010

New Development in Shaughnessy Village

Posted by Joan McGuigan

It was recently announced that new condos will be built in the former Seville Theater in Shaughnessy Village. Real-estate developer Prével and investment firm Claridge are heading this project to develop 350 to 450 affordable condos (as well as storefronts) in this historic theatre.  We are very excited about this new development, as it promises to revive the Shaughnessy Village neighbourhood, and we will be keeping our readers updated on new devleopments in this project.

Read more:  The Gazette,, CTV

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2 Responses to “New Development in Shaughnessy Village”

  1. Sabina Madeleine Orzari says:

    I think that it’s a great idea so families may move closer to work, their children’s colleges and universities and create less pollution! Dr. Suzuki would be proud of us! Downtown has a lot to offer. Attwater market, Lachine canal for cycling, rollerblading and kayaking! Add on the cultural aspect too with Montreal’s wonderful museums and theatres and we would be a step away from Old Montreal with its historic flavor and harbor! Need I say more. Where do I sign up to purchase a condo! Just a thought, maybe more bicycle paths should be added to the downtown core and encourage all building owners to have garden rooftops! Could this dream come true?

  2. Sabina Madeleine Orzari says:

    Atwater was misspelled “Attwater”. Please correct. Thank you!

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